Dalton G.
23 years old.
Front-End Engineer.
Hello, Internet. I'm often confused with a designer. And occasionally a programmer. I prefer to think of it as a happy mix of both. Currently based in Minneapolis, I've worked on all sorts of projects - starting with chrome extensions, and including entire websites from the ground up. I'm available for hire, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.
skills: css3 html5 js less jquery bootstrap foundation laravel wordpress tumblr
TowerPeg / May 2014

Towerpeg is a file manager, built from the ground up for commercial use. I am the front-end engineer on the project, and I also doubled as the designer. Done in collaboration with CodePeg.

skills: css3 html5 js less jquery bootstrap laravel
Narrowly Minded
Narrowly Minded / Nov 2013

Narrowly Minded is a minimal tumblr theme I designed using LESS. It's entire theme is based on one color. Change that color, and the LESS updates the entire site to reflect it.

skills: css3 html5 js less jquery bootstrap tumblr
Basic Blog Title
Basic Blog Title / Nov 2013

Basic Blog Title was my first actual tumblr theme. Responsive, 3 column layout, with bold buttons and accents. Used as my own personal blog for several months before switching.